Artificial Intelligence

Learning technology for video content comprehension

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Metaliquid is a computer vision and audition deep learning solution focused on the needs of the evolving video and media market. Metaliquid's technology is able to process videos and identify thousands of concepts in real-time.


Understanding video content is much more than just detecting elements. Metaliquid's powerful solution hears, sees and thinks like a person. Its neural net-based technology comprehends video and creates semantic, time-dependent and context relevant analysis. Metaliquid offers a range of services to leverage the analysis and the value of information extracted from video live feeds and digital video assets.

Main modules

Metaliquid products are composed of different modules that identify different concepts which are then used to create the semantic analysis output. Using more modules gives a deeper analysis but they can also be used as stand-alone services to identify specific concepts. New modules or existing ones can be trained to meet specific needs.

  • Face recognition
  • Sensitive content detection
  • Audio classification
  • Setting detection
  • Binge watching
  • Custom solutions

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