About Us

x-dream-distribution is focused on innovative software products for the media industry. This requires a solid knowledge of project requirements and a good overview of product features, strengths, and weaknesses.

Our product portfolio covers desktop tools and server software for ingest, transcoding, editing, post-production, workflow management, asset management, news production, and cross-media publishing as well as resource and rundown/publish scheduling.

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Our customers are post-production facilities, broadcaster, news, and content agencies as well as network operators. Based on our product portfolio we do serve them with solutions for ingest, processing, post-production, news production, and publishing as well as content aggregation, sales, publishing, and presentation.

x-dream-distribution’s main objective is to help you to achieve your project goals. This achievement is guaranteed by our team of specialists. Our core values are honesty, commitment, fairness, competence, and reliability. We act multi-lingual and multi-cultural.