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x-dream-distribution together with partners is coming back to IBC in Amsterdam! In Hall 1 at booth 1.D20 we will showcase innovative, well-developed, and affordable software solutions covering almost all possible postproduction, broadcasting, news publishing, and VOD scenarios. Among them - media asset management, workflow management, audio/video processing, ingest, transcoding, playout, and streaming tools, as well as software integration.

We will present our own product - a mobile journalism app by ShareStoryz.

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HYBRID IBC2021 – completely new setup

Every day we will stream interviews with our vendor partners from our booth to our virtual platform If you can't visit us in person in Amsterdam, you can join us online after quick registration. 

  • Friday (03.12) - Partner Product news
  • Saturday (04.12) - Partner Case studies
  • Sunday (05.12) - Demo day
  • Monday (06 December) - Demo day and Replays

 More detailed program to come on

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Partner products and news @IBC2021

Capella Systems (USA) – File & Live Transcoding

Cambria FTC // Cambria FTC Cluster

Next-generation transcoder Cambria FTC supports direct encoding and retrieval from Amazon S3 as well as support for S3 pre-signed URL source. It is available as a SaaS offering, or a hybrid set-up (partially on-premises and partially in AWS), or you can set up a peak offloading to AWS. A Pay As You Go (PAYG) support in a Hosted License method. Support for AV1 codec files and output to HEV1 files, and many more

Cambria Live // Cambria Broadcast Manager // Live Edit, version 4.6

Cambria Live V4.6 includes NDI input support for high quality, low latency live streaming Cambria Live V4.6 includes NDI input support for high quality, low latency live streaming workflow. It also has an enhancement for improved RTP/SRT output with higher stability. Ad insertion feature now supports back-to-back ad insertion for a more robust ad insertion workflow. It also includes support for a configurable SCTE marker that can work with various types of ad signals.

Learn more about Capella products 

FlowWorks (Germany) – MAM / PAM / PMS

Digital Media Asset Management and Distribution System for Digital Media Asset Management and Distribution System for post-production, broadcasting, archiving, VOD publishing and content sales.

FlowCenter – highly integrated, complete workflow and asset management solution. Specialized in the technical processing of media content (of any type) as well as editorial & management processes of any kind. FlowCenter Core is the centerpiece of the overall system. It incorporates and combines all key modules: database, user management, user interfaces, individual workflow management, transcoding, file transfers, and playout.

Flow ANT – micro media management appliance with GPU acceleration.

User story. France Télévisions’ Preview Service has been launched as FTV’s global video platform for journalists, bloggers, and the online community. The new video portal provides a large, global audience with up-to-date information and exclusive previews of upcoming features on all of the 10 national as well as the 13 regional channels.

Learn more about Flow Works products 

Libero Systems – Recording / Playout / Graphics

Libero Systems product line covers multi-channel playout with Libero Systems product line covers multi-channel playout with graphics and streaming, multi-channel recording, on-air drawing, studio newspaper review, monitoring, and multiviewer systems.

Libero Play is a fully redundant playout automation software with integrated graphics for 24/7 transmissions or studio productions.

Libero Multiviewer is designed to take multiple video/audio signals and combine them to monitor in real-time. Libero Multiviewer allows you to monitor your PCR and MCR sources (Camera, Playout, Graphic, etc.) remotely or from the web with its own IP output feature. The system can report to necessary people for any Freeze/Black Frame, Min/Max Audio conditions.

Learn more about Libero products. 

ShareStoryz – mobile journalism app 

Mobile journalism has been a rapidly developing area of content production for the last decade. ShareStoryz presents YourStoryz, a brand-new mobile app for mobile journalism.

It is designed to do easy video production for news-creating companies, brands, sports enterprises, and other businesses which take care of the content quality, the public brand image, and the speed of content sharing.

Squared Paper – Enterprise Service Bus & Microservices Toolkit

The Busby Enterprise Service Bus & microservices toolkit is specially designed for the broadcast industry: 

  • monitoring hardware and software systems and applications
  • workflow orchestration from small to large and complex
  • event recording for SLA reporting and later analysis 
  • controlling external devices and services, etc.

Learn more about Squared Paper products. 

Venera Technologies (USA, India) – QC in the cloud and on-premises

Flexible Automated QC for Rapid checking, sorting andFlexible Automated QC for Rapid checking, sorting and in-depth verification.

CapMate Captions QC & Correction platform automatically identifies issues and allows users to perform auto-correction and export the rectified captions right from within the platform.

Quasar, a cloud-based QC platform, is designed for content workflows in cloud. OTT service providers and Online Video Platforms can use the system as a SaaS or privately deployed service.

Pulsar, Automated File-based QC, is a best-in-class enterprise solution for automated file-based QC that helps broadcasters, postproduction, OTT and other content providers to perform QC on their content.

Pulsar Pay-Per-Use allows its users to make use of rich Pulsar QC capabilities while paying on usage basis. Pulsar PPU is ideal for small organizations with limited content volumes.

Woody Technologies (France) – Ingest / Social Ingest / Outgest

IN2IT access. One tool to manage all local and remote ingest operations. This is what your users need to share their footage and stories with the rest of your team. Ingest from the field, mobile, or on a server-side.

IN2IT social. allows journalists to research social media for the content of interest and professionally download and ingest the video + metadata into professional production environments.

IN2IT live. enables capture of SDI, NDI, and IP Live sources to post-production environments.

IN2IT exchange. IN2IT exchange executes import, export, and transfer tasks from and to any local, remote, or cloud-based environment. Automates transfers from Avid Interplay PAM* to external storage. It handles both media files and metadata.

The new release IN2IT 3.4 is available for IN2IT access and IN2IT exchange, enabling more than 50 new features including new third-party integrations, redesigned configuration experience, advanced monitoring, and supervision.

Read more about Woody Technologies products.

x-dream-media (Germany) – Workflow Orchestration

Software integrator with an entire commitment to the media IT developing its own software products for file-based workflows and asset management.

OneGUI – job, workflow, and farm monitoring & reporting, search & filtering, multi-tenant, various 3rd parties (e.g. Harmonic, Telestream, Capella, MOG, Interra)

Ingest Browser – media browsing, previewing, trimming and workflow start, watch folder, storage indexing, file search

WFM – Workflow Orchestrator and Manager

MFP – multi-format player with frame-accurate positioning, side-by-side view, audio leveling, SDI output and playlist support

SERVUS node – software-only videoserver, recorder and IP-streamer

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