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Subtitle processing – unique and technically sophisticated

There are several approaches to subtitle processing, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The ModernTV system is unique, technically sophisticated, and differs significantly from how subtitles are processed by other competitive platforms. In this article, we will discuss all the most known and tell you more about our own trained neural networks used to advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

ModernTV solution new features Jan 2021

ModernTV introduced Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) recently. This new feature is fully supported and integrated within our mCloud OTT solution. Thanks to this technology, you get value from your subscribers’ data, by creating tailored advertisement blocks.

The latest released version of Cambria FTC V4.6

The latest version of Cambria FTC V4.6 has been released. It supports 608 and 708 closed captions for HDR UHD. It also includes an enhanced Teletrax watermarking feature that works over the network and on multiple machines using Cluster.

Libero Systems Product Update Jan 2021

Libero Systems (Turkey) continue to add new features and functionality to their products such as Libero Play (playout & video server), Libero Hybrid (SDI-IP-NDI), Libero Ingest (source recorder) and Libero Multiviewer (monitoring system).

Teamium Essential Release v1.0

Teamium is excited to announce the release of its Essential version 1.0. It is targeted at smaller teams who have more simple requirements and do not need all the features of the full version. Teamium Essential offers an affordable way for customers to enjoy many features related to project management, resource scheduling and collaboration while keeping a smaller footprint at a lowered cost.

Woody Reload 2021

Woody is now operating for eight years as a company and recognized as a leader on the market with customers all over the world. We are proud to presents our new identity and new logo. We have reorganized and redesigned our product line to create new momentum and project ourselves in the future. Learn more from the videos.

Join 3-days virtual conference for media-IT professionals

We, x-dream-group, are excited to announce that we will host our first virtual conference for media-IT professionals with our trusted vendor partners from 26-28 January 2021. For three days we will stream for you from our Munich studio as well as from the (home) offices of our partners on a specially designed website -

x-dream-group - 2020 Year Results

2020 is coming to an end. It was an unusual year for all of us. Almost all the time we spent in Munich either working from homes or from a new office. Yes, we moved, as our team continues to grow. And as we are not allowed to travel around the world we launched our own x-dream.TV channel on YouTube, to show you our software products also online. To make it looks interesting and professional we even built our own TV studio and control room – all based on software from our portfolio. We have already hosted some local roadshows on a new event platform ( that we set up to replace our offline events. We made this effort to be closer to you, to talk to you and meet you personally but online. 

Plus, we partnered with some new brands and won a few new projects in Europe. For that, we would like to thank you – our trusted partners and customers – you who made this all happen!

Now let us share with you what we achieved in 2020.

Indian Promo Week // December 2020

We cordially invite you to join our virtual Indian Promo Week specially organized for our Indian customers organized by x-dream-distribution GmbH (Germany) and Rahul Commerce (India), from 14-18 December 2020.

Taking into account your tight schedule before the New Year, we decided to run the whole new webinar experience for you: only 30 min per day 5 days in a row our vendor partners from all over the world will present their software solutions for ingest, transcoding and playout, archiving and video processing workflows and answer all your questions during a live Q&A session. You can always arrange a personal demo with us afterward.

Woody enable remote ingest workflows

Over the last months, the need for a reliable, flexible, and powerful solution for remote ingest has been constantly growing. The COVID-19 crisis emphasized this need, but it started earlier with the move of some major broadcasters migrating their production and post-production infrastructure to the cloud.

In 2020, Woody Technologies released several versions of Woody in2it Go and Woody in2it server, an end-to-end solution enabling remote ingest from anywhere, on any device, to cloud-hosted and on-premises production environments.