Online tools for broadcasting

Nowadays you can easily live stream any events to your website using Facebook Live or YouTube Live, as well as to conduct an interview with your partners with the help of different cloud-based online tools. The problem here is that the quality of that streams is not always good and stable and moreover you can’t integrate them into your existing broadcasting workflow. SDI outputs and mix-minus (n-1) sound are not supported, NDI - very seldom, UDP/RTMP streams require conversion. To work on a professional level, you need completely different tools.

x-dream-distribution carefully chose a group of products from our software portfolio that can be used for running an on-line channel of broadcast quality in accordance with the highest TV standards.

Easily transport video to a point

With Video Transport software, you get a high quality, low latency point-to-point video transport solution. Use the desktop app to connect to local NDI and SDI sources, define transmission parameters, invite contractors, and share web preview links. All quick and easy. It works with standard cards by Blackmagic Design and AJA or using Nvidia's GPUs. 

Using a Guest Link, you can receive quality video feeds from remote users—for instance, when interviewing guests. Simply share a web link, which works in any browser, including those on mobile devices.

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video transport 

Work with Skype on a professional level

For some time, you can get an NDI stream directly from Skype, and with the help of Libero Hybrid software, you can build a Skype to SDI bridge. Libero Hybrid is a tool that can be used to convert multiple IP sources to SDI/NDI video signals to integrate them into your existing workflow. The easy-to-use and flexible interface gives you brief information about input stream visualization such as video formats, frame rates, and bitrates and allows you to handle up to 8 streams and signals (depending on your hardware).

Using Libero Ingest software you can easily record a Skype feed into your system.

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Search and ingest Social Media content efficientlySocial Media Content ingest

Recently upgraded Woody Social software allows you very precisely to search for specific content published in Social Media in the exact location. Photos or videos uploaded by the users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can be reversed check for the nativity, and then ingested with the help of pre-defined user-profiles directly to your company storage. 

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Fast ingest content with your mobile phone

Mobile App

Using Woody App, you can easily ingest photos and videos from your smartphone to your company storage. Simply download an app from an AppStore or Playstore, log in using your standard credentials, and connect to your system. Now after choosing a required media from your photo album by tapping a screen, your files are being ingested using already predefines user profiles.

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