Anexia's IaaS at the x-dream-distribution booth at IBC2019

At the IBC show in Amsterdam apart from the Anexia Dynamic Storage solution, Anexia will be showcasing a distributed S3 storage.


Founded in Klagenfurt, Austria in 2006, Anexia provides global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in over 50 countries and more than 90 locations worldwide. Multinational corporations turn to Anexia to deliver both custom and off-the-shelf solutions to power their businesses, including bespoke bare metal solutions, virtual infrastructure, storage, colocation, and IP infrastructure. With more than 200 employees in more than ten offices in Europe and the USA, Anexia provides support for approximately 10,000 active customers.

Anexia Dynamic Storage enables storage on a redundant, scalable platform with different performance classes to meet the needs of the intended application, including applications requiring both frequent and infrequent access. As part of its strategic vision, in 2019, Anexia introduced a distributed S3 storage solution for its customers. With a distributed storage solution, erasure codes are added to the original content, then the protected content is split across multiple locations. The distributed storage solution provides an added layer of security, geo-redundancy with high availability and durability performance, and at a low cost. Objects in the archive can be tagged with metadata which can be used to search the content. A geo-DNS service can be used to pick the closest location to aggregate content from the multiple locations.

A multi-petabyte S3 distributed storage solution is available today across Anexia’s Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Vienna POPs. All storage nodes are connected on Anexia’s private fiber backbone in Europe, so content can be split and aggregated quickly and securely. Amsterdam was added to Anexia’s European backbone depicted below for the distributed storage solution.

Anexia infrastructure and network in Europe