Libero Systems webinar // spring 2020 highlights

We would like to invite you to the webinar "Libero Systems software // Spring 2020 highlights" on May 19 at 5 pm CET. Our partner will share the spring 2020 updates in their playout, ingest, and CG software as well as demo the software live. 

x-dream-distribution presents Libero Systems product webinar // Spring 2020 highlights. The following products will be presented and demoed:

Libero Play // 24/7 playout automation software

  • Harmonic Video Server control with secondary events (new)

Libero Hybrid // multiple IP sources to SDI/NDI video signals convertor

  • NDI input support for Skype and other sources (new)
  • WebRTC input and output support (new)
  • LUFS audio normalization and audio gain features (new)

Libero Ingest // multi-channel ingest, transcoding and encoding software

  • Harmonic Video Server control (new)
  • Drop Frame counter for recording video (new)
  • YouTube Live source record capability (new)

Libero CG // next-generation character generator

  • Newly released version

Please join us for a live demo!

More information about Libero Systems products you can find on our web site here.

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