Busby – New Features for Spring-Summer 2020

Our vendor partner Squared Paper presented a series of new features in their flagship product is Busby – an enterprise integration toolkit. Among those are resource scheduling and diary modules, OTT/TX chain overview user interface, multi site connections using secure zone trunking, additional connectors to third-party systems and services. More info...

Resource Scheduling and Diary Modules

  • Used to schedule resources and workflow automation
  • Resources examples are channels, staff, equipment
  • Schedule UI for viewing, editing and scheduling resources
  • API for automated scheduling and integration of third-party systems
  • Custom views and reports for different groups of users

OTT/TX chain overview UI

Squared Paper OTT TX chain overview UI

Encrypted Zone Trunking

  • Extend services over encrypted TCP connection between Busby systems
  • Connection is one way, reducing IT headaches
  • Connect cloud management system with on-premise resources
  • Suitable for single and multi tenancy systems

Additional Busby Connectors

  • Harmonic NMX
  • Telos Z/IP Stream
  • GV Kahuna
  • Venera Pulsar QC
  • Phonexia Speech to Text

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