Capella Systems - new release 4.5

Capella Systems New release 4.5

Our transcoding partner Capella Systems (USA) recently released a new version 4.5 of their software - Cambria FTC and Cambria Live. It contains some new features and bug fixes.

New Features:

  • VP9 codec added to MP4 and Elementary Stream exporters
  • Dolby Audio support added
  • frame only playlist support for HLS
  • Black Segment Detection added to analysis exporter
  • FTPS retrieval and post task delivery support added
  • Color Space Conversion filter enhanced
  • Nexguard V2 added to Target Filter list
  • ASW credentials encrypted
  • Web UI added
  • Upgraded to use the latest version of Cryptlex API

Some of the features are purchase options. Please contact us for details.

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