Libero Systems Product Update Jan 2021

Libero Systems (Turkey) continue to add new features and functionality to their products such as Libero Play (playout & video server), Libero Hybrid (SDI-IP-NDI), Libero Ingest (source recorder) and Libero Multiviewer (monitoring system).

Libero Play (Playout & Video Server) offers new features and improvements such as Harmonic Video Server control, MOS integration, Video Router Control, Transfer Service integration features.

Libero Hybrid (SDI-IP-NDI) can cross-convert and adapt all IP and SDI sources with NDI input support, Skype, Microsoft Teams and other sources, WebRTC input and output support, LUFS audio normalization, and audio gain features as well.

Libero Ingest (Source Recorder) is now able to use Libero Scheduler to record input sources with Drop Frame counter, YouTube Live stream input support, Housekeeping features.

Libero Multiviewer (Monitoring System) supports IP input stream, Youtube Live stream input, NDI output support with improved alarm features.     

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