Capella FTC - new release version 4.7

We are pleased to announce the official release of Capella Cambria FTC transcoding software version 4.7. The new update is focused on transcoding-in-the-cloud functions. Capella Systems continue developing the Cambria FTC ecosystem around Amazon S3 integrations. New features include support for direct encoding and retrieval from S3 as well as support for S3 pre-signed URL source.

They also expand the possibilities of working with AWS. As of now, you can use Cambria FTC as a SaaS offering, or a hybrid set-up (partially on-premises and partially in AWS), or you can set up a peak offloading to AWS. A Pay As You Go (PAYG) support has been added to a Hosted License method. Among other new important features are support for AV1 codec files and output to HEV1 files.

 All New Features:

  • Support for encoding directly from S3
  • Support for retrieval from S3
  • Support for AV1 codec files
  • Support for S3 pre-signed URL source
  • Output ATS files
  • Output HEV1 files
  • Normalize at True Peak Audio Sample
  • EZTitles is supported for Passthrough jobs
  • Akamai NetStorage Retrieval and Post Task upload (purchase option)
  • Allow user-installed Perl packages and executable (Beta) for use with Scriptable Workflow
  • Launch function for AWS EC2 instances
  • Automatically shut down AWS instances
  • Tool to dynamically manage number of AWS instances
  • Configure on-premise storage to become accessible to AWS EC2
  • Show Pay As You Go (PAYG) Balance
  • Automatic Job Cleanup
  • Packaging  job can be configured and launched from Watch Folder (Beta)
  • Pay As You Go (PAYG) support added to Hosted License method

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