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An all-in-one Newsroom solution, Asset Management and traffic & planning. Modules are available for TV, radio, web, Teletext and narrowcasting.

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NIS: making news wherever you are - the innovative Newsroom System
NIS stands for Newsroom Information Solution, an innovative newsroom information solution for the broadcasting and media industry. With NIS, news items can be broadcasted efficiently, effectively and easily over multiple communication channels such as web, television, radio, and mobile. Our solution comprises two core components: NIS Newsroom Computer System and NIS Media Asset Management System.

NIS Newsroom Computer System©
NIS offers a collaborative environment where journalists, editors, schedule planners, archivists, researchers, and others can create news items together and broadcast it across multiple communication channels and social media. Furthermore, NIS enables a new way of working called story-based working. Story-based working enables media and broadcasting organizations to publish web-first and work on news items throughout the day. This way, news items are published quicker and meet the expectations of today’s online and mobile consumers. Furthermore, it is also possible to share content with external parties.

NIS Media Asset Management System©
NIS Media Asset Management System (MAM) is a complete multimedia system storing video, audio, graphics, PDFs and other files. With NIS MAM, newsrooms are able to import and ingest media, add metadata manually or automatically, perform advanced search queries, browse through files and export to external systems and automate workflows.

Most other newsroom systems operate separately as stand-alone solutions, however, we have integrated them to offer a complete media solution. This provides every broadcasting and media organization with assurance in terms of integration as well as allow for substantial cost savings because no separate MAM system is required.

Innovation and expertise
NIS is the market leader in the Dutch regional broadcasting industry, enabling hundreds of end users to work more efficiently and publish news from any place, at any time and any device. NIS is an inherent secure solution that works with the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. It can integrate with existing systems and is highly reliable. To summarise, NIS combines cutting-edge web-based technology with years of branch experience.

The solution is available in two options: cloud-based or on-premise. Our team of skilled professionals ensures NIS is integrated successfully and implemented effectively; additional services such as IT management, end-user training and consultancy are also part of our service.

The following licensing models are available:

  • perpetual license with a maintenance contract
  • rental license

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