Capella logo   (San Jose, USA) - Transcoding

Cambria FTC File Convert is our general-purpose multi-format file transcoder incl. trimming, stitching, audio/video filtering & processing, audio track & subtitle handling, re-muxing, file delivery, notification, and API integration.

Cambria FTC Cluster allows bundling capacities of FTC nodes to transcoding farms. It adds clever load balancing and redundancy. Highly available and scaling transcoding services are provided that way.

Cambria FTC Packager designed to deal with multiple input sources without re-encoding.

Cambria Live is an encoder and live transcoder incl. graphic overlays, lower thirds, transitions. It supports switching between SDI, HDMI, stream and file sources. It offers automatic content exchange/playout.

Cambria Live Broadcast Manager manages a farm of Cambria Live instances. It offers scheduling, clever load balancing, and redundancy as well as farm-wide stream monitoring.

Cambria Live Studio is our software-based all-in-one streaming studio incl. PTRZ camera control.

Cambria Live Packager accept multiple compressed live inputs and package into the ABR stream without re-encoding.

FlowWorks logo   (Munich, Germany) - MAM

Flow Center is a highly integrated, complete workflow and asset management solution. They are specialists in the technical processing of media content (of any type) as well as editorial & management processes of any kind. Flow Center Core is the centerpiece of our overall system. It incorporates and combines all key modules: database, user-management, user-interfaces, individual workflow-management, transcoding, file-transfers, playout.

Flow Device and Workflow Manager Monitor your devices and workflows transparently with this powerful module. Manage and monitor all connected storage devices, Flow Cores, transcoders, file servers and delivery targets and more with the Flow Center´s integrated device and workflow manager.

Flow Coder - Media Transcoding is a fully-featured transcoding engine, capable of crunching the bits from editing systems or user-generated content in any format, codec and data rate.

Managing a multi-homed media asset management system is now made easy with the Flow Storage Manager.

Flow Fuel Playout Modules & Interfaces: The core idea of “Fuel” is to be able to extend your Flow Center’s reach by easily adding individual workflows or publishing user interfaces. Publish selected content directly from your core system to playout-modules to share content (and functions) with users, internal or external. This could be a Screening & Approval Room, this could be a Shop, a Web TV station, a Customer Presentation Room, a Press Service or an Upload / Download interface.

Flow ANT - the Micro Media Asset Management System 
The Ant is a fully featured flow center media asset management system in the smallest form, yet still a highly powerful, cost-efficient and productive MAM. Like its big brother the flow center core, it has all the features you need to ingest, archive, manage, transcode and deliver your media and metadata.

LiberoSystems logo(Istanbul, Turkey) - playout and ingest

Libero Play; is a software-based playout automation system that provides powerful, flexible and user-friendly broadcasting solutions via a client-server architecture.

Libero Ingest; is a flexible multi-channel ingest, transcoding and encoding software with powerful and user-friendly features.

Libero Multiviewer; is designed to take multiple video/audio signals and combine them to monitor in real-time.

Libero Hybrid; is a software that can be used to convert multiple IP sources to SDI/NDI video signals to integrate them on an existing system.

Libero Newspaper; is a studio presentation system that can be used in television newscasting.

Libero Coach; is a presentation and analysis software for football events.

Libero Draw; allows you to sketch on video coming from a live feed.

Libero Election; is a dynamic voting information monitoring system

ilionx logo   (Utrecht, Netherlands) - NRCS

NIS - the innovative Newsroom System
An innovative newsroom information solution for the broadcasting and media industry. With NIS, news items can be broadcasted efficiently, effectively and easily over multiple communication channels such as web, television, radio and mobile.

Woody logo   (Paris, France) - Ingest

Woody Social allows journalists to research Social Media for the content of interest and professionally download and ingest the video + metadata into professional production environments.

Woody in2it is our professional multi-format browsing, screening, trimming and ingest tool into Avid Interplay PAM* and MAMs. It supports a wide range of video formats. The built-in transcoding and re-wrapping engine automatically apply the most efficient handling method.

Woody Ingest Live enables capture of SDI, NDI and IP Live sources to post-production environments.

Woody Outgest automates transfers from Avid Interplay PAM* to external storage. It handles both media files and metadata.

squared paper logo  (Frys Island, United Kingdom) - microservices for workflow orchestration

Busby is a state of the art microservices and Enterprise Service Buses (ESB) toolkit which can be used in a wide variety of broadcast applications from order handling and schedule preparation, to media manipulation and delivery.

Teamium logo (France) - Resource Scheduling

Teamium is a feature-complete, simple and collaborative solution for resource scheduling. It allows users to coordinate editorial and production teams, manage in-house or external resources and accurately track costs.

Medialook logo(Kaliningrad, Russia) - software development kits and APIs for broadcasters 

Medialooks Video Transport makes NDI or SDI sources instantly available at remote locations around the world. 

ModernTV Black RGB  (Brno, Czech Republic) - IPTV/OTT Software Solution

ModernTV IPTV/OTT solution is software enabling operators to transcode, package, store and distribute their live or VOD content through the majority of existing platforms.