Cambria Live Broadcast Manager

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Cambria Live Broadcast is an automated live encoding system designed specifically for streaming broadcasters. Cambria Live Broadcast allows users to import and store up to 1,000 commercial clips and acts as a playout server by inserting them into a live feed when triggered by an external signal for a commercial.

External Signal Control Support
Cambria Live Broadcast responds to the commercial cue tones output by a master control room that indicates a switch from a live broadcast to a commercial or vice versa. This capability allows streaming simulcasters to seamlessly replace a broadcast’s commercials with streaming-optimized versions, or even cue new commercials into the live program

Cambria Live Scheduler
Cambria Live Scheduler allows broadcasters to automatically start and stop streams of registered live events. Users can preset multiple live events with individual project settings and recurring timetables. It also includes a pre-roll feature for cueing pre-prepared content before any scheduled event.

The Auto-Control feature allows users to automate a series of actions to be performed during a live stream, such as switching between specified sources, applying a logo, or timing the start or end of a specified stream.

Google Ad Insertion for YouTube Live
Cambria Live Broadcast allows you to trigger/insert Google ads based on commercial cue tones from a master control room or manually from Cambria Live UI.


  • Google ad insertion
  • External signal control
  • Cambria Live Scheduler
  • Auto-Control automation
  • UDP input/output