Digital Media Asset Management and Distribution System for post-production, broadcasting, archiving, VOD publishing and content sales.

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Flow Center

highly integrated, complete workflow and asset management solution. We are specialists in the technical processing of media content (of any type) as well as editorial & management processes of any kind. Flow Center Core is the center piece of our overall system. It incorporates and combines all key modules: database, user-management, user-interfaces, individual workflow-management, transcoding, file-transfers, playout.

Flow Device and Workflow Manager 

monitor your devices and workflows transparently with this powerful module. Manage and monitor all connected storage devices, Flow Cores, transcoders, file servers, and delivery targets and more with the Flow Center´s integrated device and workflow manager.

Flow Coder - Media Transcoding

fully featured transcoding engine, capable of crunching the bits from editing systems or user-generated content in any format, codec and data rate.

Flow Storage Manager

easy manages a multi-homed media asset management system.

Flow Fuel Playout Modules & Interfaces

The core idea of “Fuel” is to be able to extend your Flow Center’s reach by easily adding individual workflows or publishing user interfaces. Publish selected content directly from your core system to playout-modules to share content (and functions) with users, internal or external. This could be a Screening & Approval Room, this could be a Shop, a Web TV station, a Customer Presentation Room, a Press Service or an Upload / Download interface.

Flow ANT - the Micro Media Asset Management System 

The ANT is a fully featured flow center media asset management system in the smallest form, yet still a highly powerful, cost-efficient and productive MAM. Like its big brother the Flow Center Core, it has all the features you need to ingest, archive, manage, transcode and deliver your media and metadata.

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