Flow ANT - the Micro Media Asset Management

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It's small. it's powerful. it's mobile.

This one small device can make your life easier, spare your nerves and save your time. It allows you to focus on what is important.

Full production overview, powerful project management, all formats and containers, easy project communication with media content.
The first Flow Ant Series is prepared now.

FlowWorks ANT photo usb

 Flow Ant - the All-in-One Media Asset Management Solution


  • All-in-One solution - hardware and software
  • Easy to setup and use, but a powerful media asset management
  • Really cost effective and affordable
  • The Flow Ant is part of a complete media ecosystem
  • Intuitive user interface and management
  • Operates with your existing IT-environment
  • Easy optional Flow Web Services as extension for high-traffic public distributions
  • Highly scalable system
  • Works with multihomed storages - from single USB discs up to broadcast level storage
  • Sophistcated security features
  • Integrated workflow engine
  • Interoperates with other Flow Ant systems and Flow Center Core Servers
  • Easy workflow based VOD distribution to a range of VOD targets, E.G. iTunes, Netflix, Maxdome, T-Home, Sky, Amazon and many more
  • Power saving hardware and operation
  • No climate control needed for the server
  • Low running costs
  • Rack space for big servers or storage is not required

ANT Single System Setup

ANT is a fully featured flow center media asset management system in the smallest form factor, yet still a highly powerful, cost efficient and productive MAM. Like its big brother, the flow center core, it has all the features you need to ingest, archive, manage, transcode and deliver your media and metadata.

As IT technology is still advancing at a fast pace, we were able to pack our evolving software into this powerful little box, enabling you to archive and manage your media without losing track of it. The Flow ANT system can manage (with its built in SSD) up to 3000 one minute Hi-Res video files and associated metadata. Additionally, the ANT can make use of connected external USB hard drives or common SAN/NAS network storage to further expand its storage capacity, up to 18 Terrabytes of data and metadata.

Knowing your data and media is in a secure place, you can automate your media communications, rollout and delieveries with the integrated Device and Workflow Managing component, automatically transcoding to the corresponding delivery targets like clients servers, FTP servers, VOD targets, online stores, content delivery networks and social media platforms without the need of manual intervention.

ANT Multi System Setup

Not all owners of content need the content in one location, some companies require it to be distributed and stored in decentralised locations. This could be a retailer with stores or outlets, a broadcaster with satellite networks or an advertising agency who has to strategically manage an advertising campaign nationally or globally. 

Flow ANT provides the ability to manage content over several sites without limitations or risk. Once the content has been distributed to the Flow ANT server, it can then be managed from that site or managed from a central location (E.G. for release). Flow ANT allows for distributed and decentralised ingesting, archiving, transcoding, content management and delivery ‘to go’. The ANT is a fully featured flow core with graphical user interface on the smallest available hardware. It can be used as a small archive or as a swarm-unit setup where the ANTs (over many sites) work together, share information such as metadata, media files and workloads. The ANT can also be connected to installed or hosted flow core servers to extend their range and capabilities.

The main features and specifications of Flow Ant are as follows:

  • Full flow core software
  • Full flow coder capabilities
  • Flow Fuel Capable (SOAP API for remote operation)
  • Full ingest and import of media, metadata and other additional files (E.G. Documents)
  • Media transcoding of video, audio, pictures
  • Search and manage fully customizable metadata and media at broadcast quality
  • Accumulate media and data into project containers and medialists for the connected workflow system
  • Fully featured workflow editor and management GUI
  • Open system for interaction with existing IT-Environment via SOAP API
  • SOAP API for remote operations in/out
  • Highest security available in combination with DMZs and firewalls
  • Workflow system for full control of content, user interaction, transfers, delivery and system status
  • Includes fully featured Logging and statistics
  • GUI's for administration, media asset management, editorial users and mobile users
  • Video editing functions including rough cuts, picture/log-embedding, transcoding of intermediate media, annotations and much more
  • Integrated project management system
  • Interaction with any common editing system, broadcast archive, playout system, VOD service, CDN and social media networks

Short Video Format and Container List:
MXF, Mpeg,  Quicktime, AVI, DV, DVRaw, Mpeg 1&2, mp4, Webm, Flash 7/8, H.264, H.265, IMX, XDCam HD, DNxHD, Apple ProRes, uncompressed Video

Material from web/SD up to 4k UHD

See how this new Flow Center product can support the interoperability of media and data exchange: ANT to flow core / ANT to ANT / ANT to AND and flow core. 
Up to 254 ant units per flow core. flow workflow manager and flow storage manager as optional modules are available.

Flow ANT is a complete hardware and software product. Flow ANT hardware features:

  • Intel Core i5-4250U processor 1,3 GHz, Turbo 2,6 GHz Haswell
  • Two SO-DIMM sockets for memory expandability up to 16 GB
  • Dual PCIe* mini card connectors for flexible support of wireless and SSD configurations
  • One Mini DisplayPort supporting
  • DP 1.2 and one Mini HDMI port supporting HDMI 1.4a
  • Dual rear Panel USB 3.0 ports
  • Intel® Gigabit LAN
  • Blutooth and Wifi
  • 19V, 65 W DC power connector
  • Dual front panel USB 3.0 ports
  • Consumer infrared sensor
  • Headphone/microphone jack

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