Flow Device and Workflow Manager

Keep control of your IT-environment and make use of interactions with your Flow Core.

Monitor your devices and workflows transparently with this powerful module. Manage and monitor all connected storage devices, Flow Cores, transcoders, file servers and delivery targets and more with the Flow Center´s integrated device and workflow manager. Make your workflows transparent. See the ongoing processes, data location and status with the workflow manager. This component is for pure and advanced automation.

  • FlowWorks Device Manager 1
  • FlowWorks Device Manager 2
  • FlowWorks Device Manager 3
  • FlowWorks Device Manager 4

Flow Core workflows are not machinery based, they don't happen in their very own environment. The workflow manager is able to integrate your existing IT-environment, exchange media files and metadata with it, interact with your users and clients, control a complete workflow from ingest via transcodings, enrichment and editing of metadata, add corresponding documents and files to the packages, control the transfers via own or external transfer software and report the status of any file and action in your system.

Technical features:

  • Ingest locally or remote (networked) of media and/or metadata
  • Transcode, schedule, convert Metadata, XML remapping and enrichment
  • Simple and complex IF/THEN operations
  • Timed operations
  • User Interaction interfaces (eg approvals, content check)
  • Quality Control system interaction and report evaluation
  • Extended source and target management
  • Delivery to local or networked targets
  • Delivery logging and status
  • Full IT-Environment status and performance surveillance
  • Complete integration of already existing IT-infrastructure
  • Rapid prototyping development of single modules
  • Customised module generation
  • Transfer management for networked targets and WAN accelleration systems (eg Signiant, Aspera)
  • Complete node control system (errors, logging, queueing mechanisms, bypass modules)
  • Alert and error handling system