Privacy Player Pro

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Privacy Player offers expert features, without any view limitations. You get 100% accurate analytics and it is free of trackers.

Pivacy Player Pro interface

Unlimited plays, contextual advertising, interactive API, dynamic branding, recommendation engine, 360° virtual reality live streaming.

Contextual Advertising

Jet-Stream Privacy Player Pro is the first commercially available video player to support contextual advertising: this is a game-changer. Instead of sharing the user's profile, you select and share IAB categories and metadata about the video with advertisers.

Privacy Player Pro Contextual Advertising

Two-way interactivity

Control the player from your website, read out video timing, change your website according to what’s being shown in the video. Dynamically overlay iFrames with call-to-actions, and overlay graphics on top of your stream.

Dynamic branding 

Change the colors of the player, use a custom play button, and overlay logos. Create a unified look and feel with your brand and your website design by customizing Privacy Player Pro.

Pivacy Player Pro Dynamic branding

Javascript API

Use the Player Javascript API to create stunning interactive video experiences. You can easily embed the Privacy Player Pro yo tour website.

Pivacy Player Pro API

Share your creativity, not your data

No trackers. We love privacy. Offer the greatest interactive experiences using Privacy Player Pro. Privacy Player does not collect, store or share any data. It is hosted in the EU and complies with the strictest European privacy laws.

Don’t pay to play

Unlimited play starts, unlimited domains. We don’t eat into your CPM margins.
Privacy Player Free comes bundled for free with unlimited views.
Privacy Player Pro comes bundled for €149/m with unlimited views.

4K, 8K, 360° VR

Stream live and on-demand in the highest qualities, and offer stunning live and on-demand surround video experiences.


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Player version Standard Pro Player  
Play starts Unlimited Unlimited Don’t pay to play
Extra plays Unlimited Unlimited Don’t pay to play
Concurrent viewers Unlimited Unlimited No cap on concurrent viewers
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Use the player on any domain or website
Streaming features      
VOD streaming 12x redundant high-performance storage
Adaptive HLS streaming Seamless switching between qualities
progressive downloads Host MP4’s, podcasts
Asset management Manage your library
Transcoding Create additional qualities in our cloud, pay per minute
24*7 Live streaming Create multiple live stream channels
RTMP, RTSP, webdav, HTTP Push or pull live streams in many protocols
Icecast live streaming Stream live radio
Live stream recording Schedule recording, pay per minute
Remote origins Host your own media and live streams
Player features      
HTML 5 video player Unified experience across all browsers
Hosted player High-performance global CDN
Lightweight player Ultra-fast performance
Airplay and Chromecast Stream to large screens
Adaptive & Responsive Seamless switching between qualities
Multiple audio tracks Stream multi-language media
Subtitling Add multiple subtitle tracks
Dynamic branding   Change the look and feel
2-way interactivity   Create interactive experiences
360° VR streaming   Virtual reality surround streaming
Javascript API   Control the player
Recommendation engine   Promote other videos
Streaming Platform      
Jet-Stream CDN Highest performance streaming CDN
Active load balancing Each viewer gets the best route
100% content availability Historic achievement
Platform API Automate your media workflow
User management Manage users and rights
Jet-Stream Multi CDN option option Highest performing mix of global CDNs
No trackers Share your creativity, not your data
Data minimization Active privacy policy
Anonymization Viewers cannot be identified
EU hosted Data stays in the EU
EU owned No foreign ties
GDPR compliant Active privacy policy
No content filtering Your live streams and videos are not scanned
Stream download protection VOD streams cannot be downloaded
Anti deep link protection Prevent third parties from publishing
Single sign-on Token-based access control
Realtime access control Lock individual videos and streams
Realtime geo fencing Geo fence individual videos and streams
Password protection   Ask viewers for a password
100% accurate analytics Server-side logging
Analytics dashboards Professional analytics dashboard
Realtime analytics See which videos and streams are hot
Historical analytics Deep dive in trends, regions, devices
Livestream analytics Concurrent viewers per live stream
VAST support   Full support for advertising protocols
Contextual advertising   Privacy-friendly contextual advertising

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       Learn more about Jet-Stream