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Medianova Private CDN

Medianova accelerates your websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, videos, games, SaaS products, APIs across all devices. Provide your users with better, faster and more secure digital experiences powered by Medianova.

Medianova overview

Key Features

  • LProduct development with Agile methodology
  • Agile CDN based on Container server platform (Patent-pending Technology) to support multi-roles in a single server.
  • Hardware Independent, Supports physical, cloud and container-based server platforms
  • Content caching in dierent layers; from slow, middle(midcache) to hot (edge) according to their using trends
    • Slow Cache: High caching capacity, ideal for longtail content
    • Mid Cache: Between origin or slow caches depends on topology to provide origin shield
    • Edge Cache: Caching capadity on edges
  • Support for Multi – CDN and Hybrid CDN integration
  • Multi-tenant support: infinite number of zones/tenant/account
  • Support for Multiple Routing types like BGP, MaxMind, Pre-Defined IP-Subnet
  • Flexible and feature-rich API management
  • Support for Redundancy on dierent layers :
    • Anycast DNS for geographical redundancy
    • DNS load balancing for multi location redundancy
    • Load balancing for server redundancy
    • Origin & Cache layer redundancy
  • Dedicated Technical Account Management over Slack, Email & Phone
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Real User Monitoring with Cedexis, Mux or preferred solution
  • Real time analytics with Elacticsearch & Kibana

Medianova Private CDN