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Multi-format ingest from any device or location into your post-production environment and also the outgest towards Avid® Interplay Production.

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IN2IT access

One tool to manage all local and remote operations. This is what your users need to share their footage and stories with the rest of your team. Ingest from the field, mobile, or on a server-side.

IN2IT social

allows journalists to research Social Media for the content of interest and professionally download and ingest the video + metadata into professional production environments.

IN2IT live

enables capture of SDI, NDI, and IP Live sources to post-production environments.

IN2IT exchange

IN2IT exchange executes import, export, and transfer tasks from and to any local, remote or cloud-based environment. Automates transfers from Avid Interplay PAM* to external storage. It handles both media files and metadata.

*Avid Interplay is a registered trademark of Avid.

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