Woody Ingest

Woody ingest

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Woody Ingest - Simple, automatic, smart processing of video files

Woody Ingest supports many ingest tasks in a collaborative environment. It can process all types of files through a single and easy to configure tool. An acquisition process that suits your workflows.



User advantages

  • A single workflow for all formats
  • Fast and easy integration into your postproduction system
  • Intuitive interface settings
  • Resistance to Technical issues
  • Automatic load balancing, priority management
  • Software architecture open to 3rd part solutions

Integrating with most PAM and MAM on the market

Woody Ingest is a platform-agnostic software for your post-production environment. Based on an open architecture it is able to plug with most of the popular solutions on the market including Avid ® Interplay, Dalet ® Galaxy ™ or Cantemo Portal ™. Additionally, Woody Ingest works with all the solutions that expose their API or allow automatic metadata import.

Woody Ingest detects the files to process and analyses it. The application encodes the files in your format through third-party solutions or through the transcoder integrated into Woody Software to make them available into your Media Asset Management.

Example of integration in an Avid* environment.

Trial Request Quick Start Guide Administration Guide