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Woody Outgest reinvents transfers from Avid® Interplay | Production.

Woody Outgest manages all the technical publishing tasks from Avid ® Interplay PAM. Media ready for publication is automatically detected and effectively processed to playout servers, archiving systems, VOD transcoding farms or external storage. Depending on the use case, Woody Outgest can rewrap MXF OpAtom files directly from ISIS storage, or trigger Avid Interplay Transfer Engine or Avid Interplay Transcode to get a flattened file to export.

With Avid ® Interplay | Transcode fully integrated to Woody Outgest, the transfer of complex sequences is now optimised. When transcoding is not required, Woody Outgest handles the entire process.

Woody Outgest helps preserve metadata across environments by adding it to the transferred media. This extraction allows the preservation of as much information as possible about the original sequence: name, identifier, original project, Avid MOBID ...

Woody Outgest is an open solution including web services allowing workflow engine, MAM or any external intelligence to trigger and control the transfer tasks.
This allows easy integration of Woody Outgest as an additional component in a global architecture managing complex workflows.

Woody Outgest performs the following tasks:

  • Clips and sequences detection, based on a watchfolder in the Interplay|Production folder tree. Several folders can be watched. Each watchfolder can be assigned to a Woody profile, then several targets can be configured.
  • In further versions, filters will be available to refine detected assets selection before processing.
  • Rewrap of MXF OpAtom media files linked to detected assets. They are read directly from ISIS storage and written in MXF Op1a on shared storage over the network. Different storage locations can be configured, using different Woody Outgest profiles.
  • In the case of complex sequences, Woody Outgest controls an Avid Interplay | Transcode through Avid Media Services to generate a flat masterclip (Mixdown mode) before rewrapping it.
  • Alternatively, Woody Outgest can trigger an Avid Interplay | Transfer engine to produce the MXF OP1a flattened file.
  • Metadata extract relative to the source asset in Avid Interplay, and XML file generation on the shared storage. An XSL transformation can be chosen in the Woody Outgest configuration in order to reformat the metadata. The metadata file can be delivered in the same or different folder location than the media.
  • In further versions, FTP delivery will be available for all extracted files.

Woody Outgest

All the configuration is done through the Woody Outgest HTML 5 user interface.

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Trial Request Quick Start Guide Administration and Configuration Guide