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Cloud-based production management software to automate and to centralize end-to-end production process.

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Designed with the latest web and mobile technologies for today’s digital workplace, Teamium provides extended teams with all the collaboration tools they need to coordinate production work including budgeting scheduling and resource management.


A full, simple and collaborative solution that allows the user to coordinate editorial and production teams, manage in-house or external resources and accurately track costs.

Resource and Talent Scheduling
With a simple, intuitive and interactive interface, Teamium will help you wean off spreadsheets. Simply drag and drop, shrink and stretch your selection, for a single item or a group. Once the resources are scheduled, you can instantly notify one or more members for action from within the application.

Planning & Budgeting
Simplify your task with all the resources you need with your cost and pricing rules. Teamium allows you to build complex multi-variable rate cards for resources and customer specific pricing rules into the system. The interactive tool then allows you to quickly achieve your desired budget. Once the project is green-lighted, the information is automatically saved into a functional work order so you can start scheduling resources.

Resource Management
Whether it is keeping a record of maintenance schedule for a camera or leave management for an employee or availability of a freelancer, Teamium handles it all. Teamium lets you import data from your company systems using our open API. Teamium also supports barcode integration and RFID.

User-defined Business Processes
Increase your team engagement and participation with configurable push notifications, approvals with e-signatures, group chats, task assignments for instant communication. Keep all stakeholders with up to the minute information for making decisions and getting things done. With Teamium’s user-friendly workflow builder, create robust, work processes focused on optimizing your activities tailored to your business rules.


Get benefits from Teamium® in the Cloud, without actually having to install any software, but rather through a simple subscription to the relevant package.


Teamium®, as a scalable and flexible solution, connects you on any devices, and allow you to manage your production from your home or office or on the go.

The following licensing models are available:

  • perpetual license with a maintenance contract
  • rental license

Select the most suitable plan for your team
Teamium’s monthly subscription pricing model overcomes budgetary capex constraints. You pay for what you use. As you grow, it scales with you.

Team Professional Enterprise
Project - Work Order
Resource scheduling           
10x schedules
10 collaborators   
Team plan +

unlimited schedules
Staff Roster
50 collaborators
unlimited inventory management         
Support tracking
Purchase order
Professional plan +

Budgeting Quotation
Program budgeting
Cost tracking
Timesheet/exp report
Bidding process
Task assignment
Notification engine


Teamium cloud subscription model eliminates software installation and maintenance headaches while the user experience focuses on minimized implementation and adoption time. Teamium can also be installed on an on-premises server or on a private cloud. Teamium is an open platform enabling 3rd party integrations and apps with speed and simplicity. With its published APIs, you can establish 2-way communications with your ERP, HR or Payroll systems.

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