Transcoding & AVID Interplay Check-In

The Advantages of Tight Integration

It's common knowledge that Avid stores the video essence files in Avid ISIS and the related metadata in Avid Interplay PAM. There are various ways to get material into the Avid post-production environment. Quite often, Avid Media Composer editing stations are used to ingest source footage. This is inefficient and expensive.
More efficient, faster and less costly is to use the Interplay API to ingest source footage. This requires the essence and metadata files to be fully compliant with Avid Interplay PAM. This can be achieved by using a multi-purpose transcoder that can convert any file format to ISIS compliant file formats and a metadata engine to prepare the required AAF files.
Within our solution, the transcoding part is covered by Capella Cambria FTC and the metadata preperation as well as the API calls are performed by Woody Check-In. Both products can grown into farms. This way, even huge amounds of material can be ingested to Avid Interplay PAM without any manual intervention.

The task chain of our Transcoding + Avid CheckIn Solution

The network architecture of our Transcoding + Avid CheckIn Solution