Capella Systems

File and stream transcoding for post-production, broadcasting, and stream delivery.

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Cambria FTC File Convert

general purpose multi-format file transcoder incl. audio/video processing

Cambria FTC Cluster

transcoding farm manager incl. clever load balancing and redundancy

Cambria FTC Packager

designed to deal with multiple input sources without reencoding

Cambria Live

encoder and live transcoder incl. graphic overlays, content exchange/playout, CDN integration 

Cambria Live Broadcast Manager

live transcoding farm manager incl. scheduling, clever load balancing, and redundancy

Cambria Live Studio

software-based all-in-one streaming studio incl. PTRZ camera control

Cambria Live Packager

accept multiple compressed live inputs and package into the ABR stream without reencoding

Capella Webinar - transcoding software